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Best Modern Work Clothes For Women: Kimonos, Blouses, Pencil Skirts And Leopard Print Shoes

Okay, I guess it’s the right time to take your work attire to the next level, as I am here with work style clothes that can easily make your office outfit look fresher and ladylike without sacrificing with office dress code or comfort. Stop wasting brainpower and try on a kimono, a cute blouse, pencil skirt or leopard print shoes for your next work week. I am telling you, these women’s work essentials will make your mornings easier.

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9 Pencil Skirts To Create The Best OOTD

Pencil skirt is a perfect bottom garment to wear from work to parties. In today’s post I will share with you my favorite 9 pencil skirts to create some of the best OOTD. It’s a very popular garment after all, as every lady looks confident and feminine. Who ever might know that this classic closet staple will be a timeless garment. This seamlessly sexy skirt can be made of different fabrics, colors and prints. As you can see, there are various lengths, starting from over-the-knee, knee-length and below-the-knee pencil skirt lengths. Scroll down to see how this genius piece can work for you all seasons long.

Pencil Skirts (1)

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Keep it ladylike and voguish at the same time. Go for a red lace T-shirt and tuck it inside high-waisted purple pencil skirt. Complete the look by adding rounded black sunglasses, animal print clutch and nude pumps.

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Timeless Pencil Skirts Styles

There is nothing more classy and timeless than a pencil skirt. In today’s post we are going to look at some of the best pencil skirt styles you can wear from summer to winter seasons. As you all know, skirt is a symbol of woman’s elegance and grace. I think every single fashion icon used to wear pencil skirts. The color plays one of the major factors, so you better be very careful choosing the right hue what will fit your everyday looks. Of course, there is nothing more sexy than a black colored pencil skirt what can be incorporated with office attire, but listen, we all live in the 21 century, so you better be more individual. The pencil skirt can be paired with absolutely anything you want with, starting from formal shirts to chiffon blouses, lace tops and plain loose-fit tees. Indeed, this bottom provides with a perfect look you need. Personally, I love the ones which come with special side slit, so you have an additional sexy look. Anyway, let’s have a closer look at some of the best street style looks:

Timeless Pencil Skirts Styles (1)

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We see a white blouse tucked in bright pink pencil skirt. Complete the look by adding pink watches and neon yellow cuffed sandals.

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Ladylike Must Have- Pencil Skirts

There may be trends, there may be seasons, but one thing is known for sure- pencil skirts are here to stay, as they are versatile and timeless bottoms to wear from season to season. Every woman knows how great this staple is for office, parties and formal gatherings. You can make either relaxed silhouette, polished style or go for a bodycon look. There are thousands of cuts and styles that are both sophisticated and glamour. I personally love structured and sophisticated cuts. If you do like your job and you want yourself a pencil skirt outfit, then I am here to show you some of the best looks to try this year. I am pretty sure you can’t go wrong with these awesome styles. Just imagine yourself wearing classic fit bottom with a simple, casual tee? You automatically look formal, as it literally polishes your look.

pencil skirts  (1)

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But, really, how easy it is to wear pencil skirt, I mean how should you style them in order to look sexy and hot? The most important thing in pencil skirts is the flattering cut, they fit any body shape like a glove, they elongate your legs and can play up with your curves. But let’s speak about styling tips that are very crucial. Keep in mind one very IMPORTANT thing: wear heels! Just imagine yourself wearing stiletto sandals or classic pumps. It’s a timeless look that really makes you look sexy. They will flatter any outfit and body. Plus they give you an extra height.

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10 Ways To Wear A Pencil Skirt For Work

What is so special about a pencil skirt anyway?! This is a must have bottom that makes you look feminine and extremely sophisticated. The style was introduced by Christian Dior in the 1940’s. It feels like modern fashion can’t live without this stunning staple. This style can be seen in every modern fashion runways as well as in the streets. The secret and key appeal lies in its versatility that lends you combining it with formal and casual clothes. Here are shown my personal 10 ways to wear a pencil skirt to work. Hope these images will inspire you to create different amazing looks for your next working week.

10 Ways To Wear A Pencil Skirt For Work (1)

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How To Wear Pencil Skirts – Combination Ideas

Let’s talk about pencil skirts. Yes, I am going to share with you awesome ways how to wear pencil skirts. You are going to find gorgeous looks with bright combination ideas. This must-have piece looks perfect with any kind of black blazer. You can style it with your favorite trench-coats, sweaters and work blouses. Thanks to this bottom garment you achieve that confident and feminine look without sacrificing your style. In today’s fashion world many brands and designers offer us this chic garment in various fabrics, textures, prints and colors, that’s why it’s very important to know the best looks to try for working ladies and college girls.

How To Wear Pencil Skirts - Combination Ideas (1)

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How about making everyone look at you? Here we see a bold rich blue pencil skirt updated with a skinny pale pink belt. Finish the look by adding white top and awesome modern looking grey blazer with front zip. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

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Pencil Skirts Are Back In Style

This time I want to share with you gorgeous pencil skirts you’ll not only love, but also wear this 2018 year. I have found amazing designs that are interesting and have a sexy look. It’s the right time for replacing your favorite easy pants with skirts. I think there is only one style that is both comfortable and ladylike that will emphasize only the best parts of your body. Keep attention to the fit and length of your new piece, as it can make your legs look longer and hide unwanted pounds if you will choose the perfect model.

Pencil Skirts Are In Style For 2015 (1)

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The dark blue crop top with long sleeves is worn with white, knee-length staple and updated with trendy clutch bag and cool booties.

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How To Wear: Pencil Skirts

Let me tell you about sexy ways to wear pencil skirt this year. This bottom garment is a unique piece that is both sexy and very ladylike. It’s an ideal staple for wearing at the workplace, but in recent years this clothing piece becomes every fashionista’s favorite bottom to wear in the streets and cocktail parties. There are numerous looks that you can pull off wearing this gorgeous design. Did you know that you can have any body shape and still wear this gorgeous style.

Pencil Skirts (1)

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Here we see a beige bodycon crop top styled with knee-length slim-fit pencil skirt. Update this look by adding nude pointed-toe pumps.

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Top 20 Pencil Skirts Street Style Looks

I think you have already noticed this year trend- pencil skirts. Today I bring you a top 20 pencil skirt street style looks that are ideal for formal and festive occasions. I have picked up the best well-dressed women in the streets to share with you only those images that are perfect for your personal inspiration. As you can see, there are sexy and hot longer versions that look sultry and sophisticated.

Top 20 Pencil Skirts Street Style Looks (1)

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Here we see a classic, light tweed high waisted, knee-length pencil skirt in black color that underlines your sexy ass silhouette. Try it on with your favorite white, loose-fit shirt and red, chain handle clutch bag.

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