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Ripped Jeans You Never Expected To See This Year

Ripped jeans is not a new trend, but these bottoms are exactly the ones that will bring a real statement to your outfit. Today I want to share with you my favorite ripped jeans you never expected to see this year. We are about to see slouchy boyfriends, knee ripped skinnies, slim fits, regular fit jeans, etc. All the showcased models are ideal for wearing with sneakers as well as with dressy skinny heels. Personally, I see lots of ladies wearing knee-ripped jeans, I guess it’s a big trend these days.

Ripped Jeans (1)

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We see blonde girl in aviator sunglasses, crispy white blazer, white shirt tucked in knee-ripped skinny jeans styled with white pointed-toe flats.

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Tights Under Ripped Jeans

What you think of wearing tights under ripped jeans? Sexy or not? Personally, I think it’s an ideal way how to make your look more sexy and sophisticated. In today’s post I am going to show some of the best ways to wear tights under ripped jeans this year. Let’s be honest lace tights look disgusting, but once you try them under ripped jeans, they appear to be sexy. Paradox, LOL. Why should you wear tights under jeans?

Tights Under Ripped Jeans (1)

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What To Wear With Ripped Jeans

Keep it cool, urban, relaxed and casual. Today I want you to have a look through these awesome images of girls and ladies wearing ripped jeans in their everyday lives. In this compilation we are going to see marvelous outfits, starting from boyfriends and Tomboy outfits to beach looks and street chic outfits. I think there is no doubt about the practical side of denim fabric, it’s my favorite fabric after all.

What To Wear With Ripped Jeans (1)

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If you want to wear something bold and edgy, then I highly recommend to look through these images, where ladies appear in distressed jeans styled with beautiful garments. We see knee-showing ripped versions, slightly slashed all over, etc. You can wear it anywhere and any time. For some of you these pants might appear to be sloppy, but the right will transform you into real fashionista. In this post I have gathered polished, jagged and statement ideas for your inspiration. Anyway, let’s see what to wear with ripped jeans this year.

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Knee Cut (Ripped) Jeans For Women

Knee Cut (Ripped) Jeans For Women (1)

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What is so special about ripped jeans anyway? I’ve always asked myself, why do women buy distressed jeans. Well, there is something special about this bottom that makes it look voguish and fabulous. In today’s article we are going to observe images of women and ladies appearing in the streets wearing knee-cut jeans. The knee-ripped ones look more polished than the all-over ripped ones.

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How To Wear Distressed Denim & Ripped Jeans

When the trend is coming back and it’s on the highest peak! Today I bring you this stunning collection of destroyed denim. We are going to see how to wear distressed denim and ripped jeans in the streets. This cool urban style can be worn with absolutely anything you want, starting from cool tops and blouses to leather jackets and tailored coats. But, there is a big BUT when we speak about work. It’s inappropriate to wear ripped and distressed denim during work hours at the office, banks, big companies. This bottom has a casual look that makes you look street-chic. Just follow these images and see what of these great outfits will surely suit you. You can play up with grunge, hipster and even boho touches while creating your one and only look.

Distressed Denim & Ripped Jeans (1)

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How about a perfect glamour look? We see lady who’s wearing a tailored, relaxed-fit camel coat atop black V-neck blouse tucked in ankle-length ripped jeans and colorful heels. Looks simple, but believe me it’s a stand out look.

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Trendy Women’s Ripped Jeans Are Back

Speaking of trends, then I want you to have a look at this amazing compilation of women’s ripped jeans that are in style this 2018 year. I love these bottoms for their sharp and sophisticated look. It seems like this is already a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion. No matter how big holes are they are always available and people buy them no matter what’s the season outside. They are extremely versatile, though you can not appear with them at the office or any other formal event. But you can always try them on with different sporty combos for making an statement urban look.

Trendy Women's Ripped Jeans 2015 (1)

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That’s an awesome look that features a girl who appears in the street wearing lace, black crop top styled with ripped skinnies that are paired with tartan slip-ons and cool black colored leather bag.

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Ripped Jeans Are In Style This Year

No matter what people say, but worn and ripped jeans remain popular. In today’s post, I want you to take a look at the best ways and styled to wear this cool trend in 2018. I have uploaded amazing street style outfit ideas with ripped jeans that you will have fun recreating. There is kind of workwear inspired touch that makes these bottoms look original and very individual. Keep it bold and try them on with your statement and fashionable street style staples. This year many brands offer us serious look tattered at the knee area or slashed throughout.

Ripped Jeans Are In Style For 2015 (1)

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Ripped Jeans: How To Look Cool And Dressy Wearing Them

Of course it’s not a new trend, though today’s post is about how to look cool and dressy wearing ripped jeans. I am going to show you the best tops and cover ups to try on with ripped denim bottoms. This look is gaining more and more spotlight due its fashion statement look. I love when I see models wearing this off-duty look in the streets. We see thousands of ripped jeans in various fits, starting from boyfriends to skinnies, slim fit and regular ones.

Ripped and distressed jeans (1)

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That’s a fancy update that features a bright pink blazer, black pullover, white button-down and ripped denim bottoms.

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