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Punk Rock Trend To Stand Out

Look chic, look punk, look punk rock! If you want to dress like a real punk this 2018 in adult way, then I highly recommend to take a look through this awesome compilation of refreshed punk rock street style looks. This year comes with some great vibes and details. We see oversized leather jackets, slouchy blazers, printed shirts, plaid skirts and dresses, ripped jeans, etc. Personally, I like the way many ladies have translated this trend in a modern way, by adding leather pants, vintage tees, sexy stilettos, statement boots by Dr. Martens, oversized blazers, etc. Punk is officially back, but in a more voguish look and max vengeance. Of course you can go for fishnets, spikes, studs, dyed hair and patches, but be sure to look like 18 years old girl. But there is an easy way to look punk, yet stylish. I’ve rounded some great looks for your one and only inspiration. Hope you will enjoy this compilation as much as I do.

Punk Rock Trend 2016 Street Style (1)

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Grey braided hairstyle looks awesome with grunge black leather jacket and V-neck pullover.

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Rock Chic Inspired Street Style Outfits To Steal Now

I think you all know how much do I love street style images. Today I bring you an awesome compilation of rock chic inspired outfits what are so popular to wear now. I’ve spotted many ladies and bloggers appearing in glamour rock outfits on the streets lately. You gonna be wowed by the amazing style idea. As you can see, the showcased outfits look super comfy and ideal for dropping temperatures. Most of you might say that rock elements can look boring and sometimes even scary, but I am pretty sure you gonna change your mind once you look through these outfits.

Rock Chic Street Style (1)

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Keep it totally black! Try on black leather biker jacket styled with black slouchy top tucked in black leather skirt. Complete the look by adding fedora hat and Chelsea black leather ankle-boots.

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Grunge / Rock Winter Outfits For Women

Ever wondered how to pull a rock-grunge girl look off in the middle of an ice cold winter? How to dress in a rock/grunge way but warm at the same time? In this Polyvore sets compilation I will show you my favorite examples of how to look grungy this Fall and keeping warm at the same time. Speaking of classics, then you will find lots of images where ladies appear in checkered shirts and shorts or tartan skirts with bare legs. It’s really not suitable for cold winter, that’s why you better add cozy tights. Use multiple layers to keep yourself warm: plaid shirt over a hoodie, shirt under sweater, warm tights under shorts or skirt and cozy leg warmers over tights. The grunge is back but it looks a whole lot different. Are interested? If yes, then you are welcomed to scroll down your mouse and see more Polyvore looks to copy this year.

Grunge-Rock Winter Outfits For Women (1)

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Here we see a nice black jacket worn with lace black crop top styled with tartan layered high-rise corset-like skirt, black leather bucket bag and ankle-length flat black leather boots.

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How Students Got Dressed During Rock’n’Roll Era

In 1969 American photographer Arthur Schatz made an awesome photo collection for LIFE magazine. He made a series of images where students and teenagers got dressed in hippie and rock and roll inspired looks. 20th century 1960’s years can be dedicated to hippie culture with its self expression freedom, joy and love. Speaking of clothing styles, then I’d like to underline bright dresses and unique accessories. In this compilation you are going to see stylish high school students, who appear in gorgeous outfits. Anyway, let’s have a closer look at these wardrobe looks:

Rock'n'Roll Era - Students & Teenagers Style (1)

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