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Back To School Outfit Ideas

I want you to be honest with me…have you ever thought about coming back to school? I tell you honestly, sometimes I think about the way I dressed back in those times and I start to blame myself! Why? There are so many gorgeous ideas, what you can follow these days, but I was wearing Backstreet Boys printed sweaters, ugh! Thanks to Internet and street style bloggers we have chance to get some inspiration and structurize our dream back to school outfit! In this post I gonna share with you my top 30 stylish outfits to wear from school to work. The end of summer is the starting point of a new semester, that’s why you better be ready in full force.

Back To School Outfit Ideas (1)

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White and Black? Why not! Go for basic shirts and tees and style them with cool black leggings, ripped jeans and statement footwear, like sneakers and chunky sandals.

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Back-to-School Style For Fall-Winter

How about some fashion tips for tonight? I think you wanna know some tricks how to fashionably rock school this year. In today’s post, I want you to have a look through Autumn 2018 back-to-school style inspiration. I know, I know, the time of school uniforms have passed away, now it’s all about individuality and awesome looking outfits, right? I remember when kids used to wear tweedy jackets, crispy white button-downs, Mary Janes or pleated skirts. I mean, where are those times? The good old academic dresses, I really miss those days. Well, if you are fashion addicted persona, then you might know that this Winter 2018-2019 is all about remembering good old times! Be ready for preppy, nerd schoolgirlish garments.

Back-to-School Style For Fall-Winter 2015-2016 (1)

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Yep, it feels like we see 1970’s and 1980’s basics in these images. Love every single outfit!

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