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Nothing to Wear? Here Are New Outfit Combinations!

Are you having such dilemma: No matter how full your closet is with clothes, there’s still nothing to wear! Well, if you’ve got such “problem”, then I am here to help you darling. I know how frustrating it feels like to stand in front of your closet packed with loooots of clothes and thinking: “Shit, I have nothing to wear for today!” Yep, the closet is full of expensive staples what you haven’t even worn. If you have the same situation, then it’s the right time to RE-ORGANIZE your wardrobe. I have collected these marvelous outfit combinations using pieces you already own (I am pretty sure you’ve got all these clothes, if not, use your imagination). Get inspired now, as I have plenty of Polyvore sets for you:

New Outfit Combinations (1)

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Everyone has that pink spaghetti strap top, right? Try it on with cool casual dark blue mini shorts and tortoise sunglasses. You can complete the look by adding eye-catchy jewelry and accessories.

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Grunge Inspired Polyvore Looks

This year, fashion has taken a cue from the 1990’s looks. Get inspired now by the best grunge Polyvore sets. Channel your teen spirit with dress-like button downs, floral crop tops and Dr. Martens boots. I think you have already noticed the 1990’s grunge fashion in every shopping mall. The ripped jeans, skulls, flannel shirts, studs and military references are back in vogue this year. Let’s handle the comeback with grace. If you want to know how to handle grunge and pull it off in a modern way, then scroll down your mouse and see the best Polyvore sets to get inspired by.


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How to Wear a Pastel Blazer

Pastel is a big trend this season and you know why. It’s everywhere. We see pastel outerwear, separates and accessories. I did some research and found numerous of great options of styling your pastel blazer. This cover-up is a versatile piece, because you can wear it throughout hot and cold seasons by styling it with cozy tops or lightweight blouses. In today’s article we are going to observe Polyvore combinations on how to wear a pastel blazer this year.

Pastel Blazers (1)

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Pale light orange blazer looks awesome worn atop white cream floral playsuit.

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