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Lace-Up Heels For Those Ladies Who Want To Look Sexy

Heels is what you need to look sexy and hot. In today’s post I want to share with you an awesome trend called lace-up heels. That’s what I call true sexiness, as I find these stilettos to be eye-catching and really hot. If you want yourself a truly ladylike look, then I recommend to try on this oh my god footwear, which steals everyone’s spotlight. These sultry shoes are ideal for fashion events, cocktail parties and many other creative occasions.

Lace-Up Heels  (1)

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Mules Are Back In Fashion. It’s All About Statement Shoes

It’s an official rebirth of 1990’s fashion as we see mules are back on fashion track. The 1990’s is the same as 1950’s, 1970’s decades which are perfect for designers inspiration. Some of you might say this footwear look ugly, an you might be right. But sometimes ugliness makes people stand out from the crowd making them look special, by transforming them into sweet beauties. These shoes don’t look too flattering on the legs, they visually cut feet and look masculine and sharp. There are gorgeous designs with pointy toes which look feminine and sexy. If you style them right, then you can wear them from day to night without looking weird, vice versa very ladylike. As you all know, fashion is cyclical, that’s why it’s a real nostalgia that makes you wanna buy these shoes.

Mules (1)

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Open-toe printed option is an awesome update for those ladies who are in love with creativity.

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How To Wear Heeled Platform Boots

This time I want to speak about great women’s shoes- platform boots and how to wear them this year. This footwear makes us look taller and our legs slimmer. Lots of girls dream of wearing such platforms. That’s why I decided to share with you cues from various street style images where various bloggers, fashionistas and other street style stars appear in big cities wearing these beautiful, edgy look shoes. If you want to be unique and different, then you should go for the platforms to stand out from the crowd.

Platform Boots (1)

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Here we see chunky version in white and black colors. I love to see neon hipsters wearing such footwear.

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Awesome Summer Shoes To Wear This Year

Keep your heads up as we want to show you the best summer shoes step in style this 2018 year. No matter if you are looking for sandals, sneakers, see-through, boat shoes or flats, we have lots of interesting designs to offer you. We’ve got this awesome list of cute summer footwear that will make you look sexy as never before. Thanks to these street style and lifestyle images we have chance to see something for everyone and every occasion. It’s never enough with the shoes, as we always need something new. We see nude colors, bright rainbow and colorblocking options, glittering designs, high heels, wooden heels, flats, mules and mary janes.

Awesome Summer Shoes To Wear This 2015 Year (1)

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