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Skater Skirts – Street Style Trend

Looking for something chic, retro and modern? I’ve got a fabulous piece what fits description and its name is skater skirt. This go-style is in fashion since the 1950’s when ladies used to dance to rockabilly sounds. Today’s street fashion is all about skater skirts.

Skater Skirts - Street Style Trend 2023

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Purple colored shirt looks fantastic tucked in floral print pleated skirt.

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26 Ways To Style a Skater Skirt

I think everyone is familiar with skater skirts, right? If not, then it’s the one that is fitted at the waist and flares out into an A-line shape. But none of them created equal, as there are various variations to wear. I have noticed three distinct styles what are quite similar, but there is still difference between them.

26 Ways To Style a Skater Skirt 2023

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Pale blue shirt tucked in dark grey skirt and paired with red lace-up oxfords. Why not!

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How To Wear: Skater Skirts

I think everyone’s ready for something cute and sexy, right? Today’s story is about ladies skater skirts. This sweet wardrobe staple is something versatile, the same as skinnies or biker jacket. Fitted at the waist and flared out into an A-line silhouette, this is an ideal choice for making you look gorgeous. Every street fashionista is wearing this kind of skirt in her everyday life. The great thing about skater skirts is the hot look, what is easy to wear, fit with all the tops in your wardrobe, makes your legs look longer, you can wear them all the seasons.

How To Wear: Skater Skirts 2023

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For a smart-casual, breezy summer look, go for a dark violet long-sleeve top and tuck it inside pleated floral dark blue skirt. Don’t forget about gold accessories.

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