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How To Style Your Embroidered Clothing

Hello, my dear fashion addicted readers! Today is my lucky day, as I am here to show you ways how to style and wear your favorite embroidered clothes next 2018. This type of clothing is a must-try. Why? It can easily make you stand-out from the crowd underlining your best features. Plus, embroidered clothing trend is having a moment right now and you should definitely give it a try. Embroideries can be divided into two parts, where the first one is all about bold and eye-catching details, and the second one is about adding some little touches to skirts, jeans or tops. Anyway, let’s have a more detailed look through these outfit ideas and see what’s trending next 2018.

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Best Lace-up Flat Shoes For Early Autumn Season

In this article, I want to draw your attention to my favorite footwear called lace-up flats. These shoes are ideal for early Fall season months, but you can wear them during Spring and cold Summer days. If you decided to buy yourself ankle lace-up ballet shoes, then my personal advice is to choose the ones in neutral color. I would say it’s one of my favorite shoe obsessions right now! Yes, this is not something new, as we have seen these shoes before, but there are lots of new ways how to wear them now.

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Adidas Sneakers For Women To Wear This Year

We all love sneakers! This sporty footwear is ideal for active lifestyle, for doing sports and street walks. That’s why sneakers are best shoes for women who want to walk miles and feel comfortable. Sure, this footwear is not high heeled sandals or pumps, but I do recommend to try sneakers with sporty chic looks, relaxed outfits, and smart-casual basics. I gathered best looks with sneakers for flat feet women. You are going to be wowed to see so many interesting clothing combinations.

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Fall Boots To Wear This Year

Thinking of a stylish footwear to wear this Autumn season? Then take a tour through these street style images, where women appear in different boots. Yes, the boots weather is officially back and now it’s time to invest in something functional and fall season friendly. You are about to see interesting street style looks completed with ankle boots, OTK boots, knee-high designs, lace-up military styles, suede and leather versions, and many other cool footwear must-tries.

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Powersuits For Women Are Back In Style

Let’s bring power suits back in fashion! Why is this trend so popular right now? Powersuit can easily make you stand out from the crowd, plus it makes you look special and professional. Sure, the majority of women are in love with blazers teamed with jeans, but those of you who want to create a business ready look should give a try to powersuits. This is the only outfit that can make a strong statement about you in seconds. In other words, this is a perfect look for moments when you want your interlocutor to think you are professional. Of course, this outfit smells 1980’s inspired, but today’s fashion brings lots of cool designs, styles, and cuts to choose from. Plus, you can style it in different ways by adding lightweight scarves, eye-catching jewelry, and other accessories to brighten up your look. The result can be clean, bold and badass!

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New Ways To Wear White Jeans

I’ve said it many times and I’ll repeat it once again: white jeans are a statement and work for any season. Anyway, some of you still find it difficult to find new ways of wearing this denim. I agree white jeans can look dated, but there are always interesting ways to make them look chic on you. I honestly think white denim is a cool thing to wear, and I have tons of proof to share with you. Of course, you better follow certain style tricks and tips to make them trendy. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired and let me know your thoughts.

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Lingerie Fashion Trend (Street Style)

Please welcome lingerie trend is here and you better try it on this 2018! In today’s blog post I want everyone to see my favorite street style inspired Polyvore fashion sets featuring awesome lingerie must-tries. Underwear has always been present in fashion, it was seen in the form of lace embellishments, sheer paneling details, silken garments, bralettes, tops with strappy backs, sliptanks, as well as slip-dresses. We saw underwear worn as an outerwear. At first we were shocked and now we all die to wear it on the streets. Paradox? It’s FASHION! Actually, this is a super smart idea that eases fashion world and gives us plenty of amazing ideas how to make lingerie work with our everyday essentials. In this article I am going to show you easiest ways how to make a slip dress, silk top or lace basics work with different clothes and make it look perfect and daring during the day. Lingerie is not for the bedroom anymore! Why don’t you push the boundaries and try something original, sexy and luxe detailed. Enough blah-blah, let’s get down to Polyvore sets.


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We see a pretty bra top with strappy back worn with high-waisted light blue denim shorts and navy color cardigan. Complete this outfit by adding black leather slip-ons.

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Amazing Bodysuit Outfit Ideas To Flaunt

This 2018 is a big comeback of bodysuits trend. This one-piece garment ideally compliments all your favorite bottoms, no matter if it’s a pair of sexy denim cut-offs, skinnies, tight skirt, high-waisted shorts or flowing maxi skirt. This functional clothing staple ensures a smooth, tight fitting finish that easily enhances any outfit. You are about to see many interesting bodysuit designs, including the ones with lace-up detailing, long-sleeved versions with deep V-necks, sleeveless ones with mesh cut-outs, plunging neckline bodices, scoop-necks, etc. Trust me, this one-piece design will look perfectly tightly on your body without looking loose or bunchy. It’s a sexy choice that comes in lots of different and intriguing fabrications. I love to see them work wiht everything, starting from cigarette trousers, overalls, midi skirts to suede shorts and culottes. Scroll down to find your favorite Polyvore set.


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This white style looks great with beige slouchy sweatshorts and white leather ankle strap sandals.

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Casual Holiday Party Looks

It’s time to have a party! Hello dear fashion readers! In today’s blog post I want to share with you an awesome collection of casual holiday party looks you can wear at cocktail occasions, formal events and dates. No matter where these parties are going to be held at work, home, or restaurants, you can wear each one of these looks wherever you want. Read on to see the most stylish outfit ideas you can try next week.

Casual Holiday Party Style (1)

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How about this cute gold shiny long-sleeve crop top teamed with black mini velvet skirt.

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Street Style Trend: Burgundy & Red Color

It’s been a while since my last post. This time I want to draw your attention to street style images where ladies appear in burgundy and red color outfits. I am going to share with you a stunning compilation of photos where ladies appear on the streets wearing creative and functional outfits completed in red or burgundy colors. It’s no secret that rich shades make us look festive, rich and sophisticated. If you are in the festive mood, then you are more than welcome to look through this compilation and choose your favorites. Let me know in the comments which one of these looks are your favorites.

Burgundy & Red Street Style Trend (1)

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This knitted sweater in light burgundy looks terrific. Try it on with your favorite tailored pants.

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