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25 Ways To Wear Power Suits

The power suit is back in da house! Sometimes beauty lies in simple looks. In today’s post I want you to draw your attention to my favorite 25 ways wearing power suits. The great thing about suit is the easiness of styling. As you can buy plain colored design and wear it with your favorite bags and accessories. You don’t have to worry about your look, as this outfit can be worn from work to special parties. As I have already mentioned, it’s an easy-to-style apparel, what has an incredibly strong appearance. The fashion brings it back on track, as I see lots of street style images of women wearing this gorgeous look during chilly mornings on their way to work.

Power Suits For Women - Street Style Looks (1)

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Want a perfect white look? Go for this stylish crispy white power suit, consisting of a ladylike blazer, simple white tee and wide-leg trousers paired with pointed-toe boots.

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Matching Sets Comeback Trend

The 1970’s trends are back in fashion! Today I want to observe some of the best matchy-matchy looks for you to try. Today it’s making up a big time, offering us versatile style ideas, starting from pencil skirts combined with crop tops (favorite Kim Kardashian’s look) to skirt-suits, knitted basics and other urer glam looks. The vintage look is updated thanks to modern trends, including colors, prints and cuts.

Matching Sets - 1970's Style Looks (1)

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Floral print set is ideal choice for summer time.

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26 Grey Business Attire Looks For Ladies

How to dress in grey to impress everyone around? In today’s article I want to draw your attention to these 26 grey color business attire looks for ladies, what will make you look both professional and elegant at the same time. Grey color is a versatile shade what is ideal for creating numerous of beautiful outfits. In this post I have gathered amazing office looks what will surely inspire you to wear something grey colored this year. This neutral color suits every woman, every skin tone, age and body type, all you have to do is to find your right shade. Some of you might think it’s a boring color, but believe me, there are gorgeous updates what are ideal for daily wear, appointments, business meetings and other formal events.

26 Grey Business Attire Looks For Ladies (1)

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That’s a cute, fit-and-flare grey colored tailored dress styled with rounded sunglasses and sporty car gloves in cream white:

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31 Black & White Work Outfits For Women

Looking for something classic, ladylike, sexy and glamour? Well, you better check out this awesome black and white work outfit ideas what are great for ladies at any ages. As you know, combination of black and white is a classical color scheme for work outfit. Some people think that B&W combination is quite boring. Well, once you look through these creations I am pretty sure you will find here sexy, edgy and chic designs to try on at work. If your company has a very strict dress code, then you better take a look at these ideas. We are going to see here polka dots in black and white, great accessories, including red shoes, golden jewelry, wide belts, skinny belts, beautiful ties, sexy heels, pencil skirts, etc. All in all, it’s time to look hotter and be trendy at work.

Black & White Work Outfits For Women (1)

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Here we see a pretty lady who is wearing a collarless black shirt paired with white pleated cigarette ankle-length pants. Finish the look by adding statement sunglasses and low heel ballerina flats and black leather tote bag.

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Pant Suits For Women

Taken from the men’s wardrobe. Today I bring you an awesome collection of women’s pantsuits what are inspired by men’s fashion. I tell you honestly, these pantsuits look great, polished and chic on any woman. Every single style what is shown in this collection has an androgynous vibe. It is a truly unique way how you can look both sophisticated and Tomboy inspired. The following compilation consists of beautiful outfits what are composed of three key pieces: blazer, undershirt and cool trousers. The tailored look can be either loose-fit or slim-fit. No matter what, but you can still make it look feminine thanks to accessories, jewelry and sexy heels. Anyway, let’s have a closer look at these ideas and don’t forget to tell me what is your favorite one:

Pant Suits For Women (1)

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No undershirt at all. If you want something sexy and sultry, then go for this kind of look, what has no shirt under the jacket. I am totally in love with this black look. It looks like it has a deep V-neckline what brings everyone’s attention to breasts not on the face.

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What Women’s Pants Are In Style For Spring-Summer

In today’s post I am going to share with you information about what women’s pants are in style for this spring-summer 2018 season. I am going to be very laconic and write only “on the case”, with no blank words. We are going to see various style pants and must-have trends. It looks like we are full of oversize bottoms, as each designer and brand wants us to buy either classic ones or wide-leg versions. They are great for tall models but not for petite girls. For petites we see narrowed versions. Anyway, let’s have a closer look at some of the best looks and choose our favorites.

Women's Pants For Spring-Summer 2015 (1)

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What Women’s Pant Suits Are In Style

Hello there ladies, I’ve got some great news for all of you, as it looks like we have a major comeback in 2018. Many brands offering us amazing women’s pant suits that are ideal for work, special occasions, parties, formal events, etc. You are going to find here 1970’s inspired suits with high-waisted, wide-leg pants, statement blazers with broad shoulders and crispy white shirts/ silk blouses. You can always go bold and try on black tuxedos with nothing else underneath.

Women's Pant Suits 2017 (1)

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Business Attire: Total Black Office Wear For Ladies

Before starting new working week it’s very important to think over your new office look. I want to share an awesome collection of women’s totally black office clothing ideas to wear at work. These outfit ideas will surely fit your business week from Mondays to Fridays. If there are people who think that all black outfits are boring and not suitable for work, then you better show them this post, as we see gorgeous looks suitable for office and after hours parties. Black office staples are sexy, elegant and trendy. Just imagine yourself in a black dress, pumps and some hot black accessories, or a black shirt tucked in trousers- looks great and sophisticated.

Black Office Wear For Ladies - Business Attire (1)

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