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Summer Looks: Maxi Dresses

What is so special about a maxi dress? First thing is the versatility and flattering look. Maxi length is great for posh events, it’s great for casual gatherings, summer parties and many other events. Next thing is the flattering look, meaning any girl/lady/woman can try it on without worrying about her curves or too skinny body.

Maxi Dresses Styles Looks For Summer (1)

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Anyway, we are here to speak about maxi as a cool comeback for this summer season (but you can also wear it during the fall, winter and spring time, you just have to add heavy, cozy layers on).

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Tropical Print Clothing Is Summer Must-Have

If you feeling like going on a vacation, but you still have to work, what you gonna do? I have a great solution- why don’t you fall in love with tropical trend? Go bold and use flowers, leaves, peaks, wings in all kind of shades, colors and hues. This summer offers a great explosion of colors, mixing up flora and fauna, islands, gardens, beaches and deep forests. If you think it’s not wearable, then why don’t you just shut the f****** door please! You are too much conservative about prints. It’s always cool to have fun with silly prints.

Tropical Prints For Summer (1)

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Palazzo Pants Style Tips For This Year

So you love palazzo trousers, right? In today’s post I want to draw your attention to these amazing, super wide-leg, loose and flowing pants. When I see these bottoms I think of 1960’s and 1970’s years comeback. It’s completely impossible not to see these pants in the streets these days. Lots of bloggers and fashionistas appear in these pretty styles at various fashion and dressy events. If you want yourself a glamour, yet completely effortless look, then you definitely should go for palazzo! Why do so many women wear this style? First of all, they are amazingly comfortable. Second, you can wear them in cold winter days (it’s better to wear tights under the trousers) and during hot summer vacations (most of designs come in light fabrics) by adding a simple tank. Of course they are not for everyone. If you are short, petite, then you better forget about them.

Palazzo Pants (1)

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Just look at these adorable semi-sheer dusty blue wide trousers styled with lightweight crispy-white shirt and long silk leopard print scarf. Finish the look by adding statement sunglasses and oversize green satchel bag.

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Top 30 Women’s Formal & Work Outfits For Spring

Keep it trendy and cool by wearing stylish top 30 women’s formal and work outfits for spring season. I personally felt in love with these work wear ideas. The spring is the time of year, when it’s still quite cold for wearing lightweight ensembles, but it’s already hot for furs and cozy knits. The following compilation will surely offer you some of amazing ideas that are not only great for work but also for formal events.

Women's Formal & Work Outfits For Spring (1)

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If it’s quite cold outside, then I advice you to try on this light grey knit pullover with A-line plaid skirt. Finish the look by adding the scarf with a print that matches the bottom (skirt).

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Trendy Summer Work Outfits For Women

Let’s speak about trendy summer work outfits for women. I want to show you some of the best ideas how to dress at the office/bank/company during hot days. No matter if you work in a public relations agency or formal finance group, you still have to shop for the best looks. Of course some of you may say it’s hard to dress appropriately and comfortable during summer days, though I’ve got amazing street style images where are shown women and ladies wearing stunning apparel essentials.

Trendy Summer Work Outfits For Women (3)

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How about choosing all white look? Here we see a lightweight shirt tucked in skinny pants. Update this outfit by adding chunky gold bracelets, gold metal belt, cuffed sandals and envelope clutch.

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How To Style: Ladies White Pants

White pants are ideal for summer wear, but you can try them on during transitional seasons. It’s a chic and voguish staple that is extremely versatile for wearing with casual and semi-formal outfits. They look good with almost everything, starting from bold, loud color and print tops to classic dark hue tops. My personal love is the chambray shirt that looks simple, but if you try it on with your favorite white skinnies, then I guarantee you will have a perfect appeal for a polished street walk.

How To Style Ladies White Pants In 2017 (1)

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Here we see a fit-and-flare striped top paired with white skinnies, strappy cuffed sandals and cool, brown leather big bag.

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Summer Looks: Sun Hats Are In Style

What do you know about sun hats? In today’s post I want you to see the best summer looks that feature amazing sun hats that are surely be in style for a very long time. This headwear is meant not only protecting your hair from the sun, but it is meant for completing your outfit making you look fabulous. I was looking through pinterest and found out so many voguish designs that I wanna share with all of you. These styles are great for wearing with lightweight ensembles during hot summer days.

Sun Hats (1)

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That’s a daring monochrome look that is an ideal update for black swimsuits.

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