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Modern Victorian Era Fashion Trends

I’ve already shared with you my favorite Victorian era inspired looks. In today’s blog post I want you to take a close up look through modern Victorian era fashion trends and see what’s popular nowadays. This year we still have delicate lace, floral appliqués, brocade, gilded embroidery, silk and velvet fabrics. Scroll down to see more Victorian-fashion ideas.


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How to Layer Your Clothes Like a Pro

What you gonna do when it’s cold outside? It’s the right time to layer yourself in cozy clothing. If you are afraid of looking like an urban yeti, then I am here to share with you some of the best street style images of ladies who professionally layer themselves in multiple clothes. There are several things to know for layering like a pro. Personally, I think layering equals fashion. Right? I bet I am right. The phenomenon of layering can be discussed. This is quite a trendy thing, rather than a weather necessity. Those guys and ladies who love layered outfits look more sophisticated. If you wonder why, then my answer is: it really creates a more powerful style.

Layered Clothing (1)

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A big denim jacket will ideally suit your chunky knit white sweater worn atop elongated white tee paired with knee ripped black skinnies.

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You Never Seen Such Simple but Stylish Outfits For Women

Sometimes simple garments are the best ones to wear. In recent years fashion become very complicated. Designers offering us beautiful garments that are very difficult to wear in real life. We forget about simple clothes, like tops, skirts, pants and start looking for sophisticated fashion. In today’s article I want to draw your attention to essentials and see amazing styling tips on how to wear simple apparel in your everyday life. I am 100% sure, every single top, shirt, blouse, dress showcased in this compilation gonna make you look fresh, sweet and ladylike thanks to professional styling. There is one difference between modern basics and simple clothing: everything that is connected to basic wear means boring. Fashion experts say, you either have style in your blood, or you simply don’t have it at all. I think some people have an inborn great taste. These people can try on a plain white tee and a pair of boyfriends looking like model off-duty. They can make anything work. Everyone else have to learn how to style simple clothes.

Simple but Stylish Outfits For Women (1)

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A sexy slipdress with V-neckline and spaghetti straps looks chic and simple.

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What To Wear To A Rooftop Party – Best Style Ideas

We have a Rooftop Party situation here! Yes, we are going to speak about best style ideas of clothes what you can wear to a rooftop party this year. First of all, be natural, do not overdo with your style, otherwise you will look like a cheap girl. No matter if it’s a summer, fall or winter party, you have to dress according to the weather. Frankly speaking, there are thousands and thousands of awesome rooftop party outfits, all you have to do is to use just a bit of your imagination. Are you interested? Then keep on reading and find the one and only look what will ideally suit your next rooftop party.

What To Wear To A Rooftop Party - Best Style Ideas (1)

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You can go for a cool green sequined dress, or you can keep sequined silver mini skirt and style it with layers or try on a perfect LBD.

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Grunge Fashion Tips

Grunge Attack! It feels like everyone is obsessed with grunge style. Today I want to bring to your attention this marvelous compilation of grunge fashion tips. The Internet is flooded with photos of ladies wearing oversized Kurt Cobain shirts, elongated cardigans, high-socks, cool beanies, combat boots, Converse trainers, denim jackets worn with floral dresses, camouflage prints, striped tees, ripped jeans, biker jackets, rounded sunglasses, etc. Of course, every single garment is ideally styled one with another. The thing, why I wanted to make this post is to show you how to wear grunge and pull it off in a classic and modern way. It’s a big trend this year, so you better know plenty of ways to make this look work for you. This trend is all about attitude, so you better follow few tips to make everything just right. Personally, I see lots of ladies wearing this trend accompanied with other sub-genre styles, creating awesome looks such as neo-grunge, grunge indie, glam grunge, etc.

Grunge Fashion Tips (1)

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What to Wear to Bachelorette Party

Having a Bachelorette party with your girls? Well, you are lucky girl, I must admit. Today I want to show you some of the best outfit ideas what will make you look awesome at your party. This is the end of one of your life’s chapters what will transfer you into new level. That’s why you need a grandiose party with your best friends. I have awesome outfit ideas for different kinds of bachelorette parties. You are going to find here versatile outfit ideas. Tell me what is your favorite frock in the comments below:

What to Wear to Bachelorette Party (1)

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We see a cute white dress with lace embellishments. You can layer it with a lightweight knit cardigan.

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How To Wear: Button Down Tops For Women

When it comes to chic and fun style staples, a simple button-down can make awesome outfits. Indeed, it’s one of those pieces that we all have in our closet. But it seems like we do not know cool ways how to wear it in everyday life. I mean, we all know how to style it with our formal suits, or making polished and preppy looks, but how to make it look smart-casual, Tomboy and glamour, we don’t know.

Button Down Shirts For Women

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Thanks to recent street style images, we can see more than one way to wear this shirt. In real life it can be styled in countless creative ways. Keep on scrolling to find out why this fashion essential belongs in your closet.

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How To Wear: Printed Pants For Women

If you want to try on something new and trendy, then I am here to help you, darling! Today, I am going to share with you my favorite printed pants and awesome ways to wear them in your everyday life. I think every lady has plain pants in her closet, right? The thing is, we all want something fresh and chic to make our days brighter and break out from the routine life. Another great thing is that you can combine these trousers with your work tops and wear it to the office.

Printed Pants For Women (1)

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How To Wear Opaque Tights

How to wear opaque tights this year? In today’s post I want to share with you my personal inspiration from the streets where ladies appear in sexy opaque tights styled with awesome dresses, skirts and shorts. Looking through the photos, I came into conclusion: it’s better to avoid wearing midi-skirts with thick tights and wear them under shorts and shorter skirts. Go for fun 1970’s inspired looks, by adding furs and other layers.

Opaque Tights (1)

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Popped Collars Looks

For some reasons popped collars look extremely voguish. This update has that special 1970’s mood that makes every lady look irresistibly attractive. This update look awesome on jackets and coats. Just imagine yourself wearing popped collar trend around the town. Sometimes this trend helps to hide from the cold, but most women just want to look cooler.

Popped Collars (1)

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It’s a perfect embellishment, I would even say it’s an equivalent of awesome sunglasses. This 1970’s addiction comes with a retro cool touch making you look like a real rockstar. I personally feel myself like a kind of spy when my hands deep in my pockets. Of course you can try this trend with your favorite shirt or polo, but keep your attitude cool and casual. Plus, you can make some layers, wearing a jumper or sweater underneath your polo.

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