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Perfect Crop Tops To Wear In The Streets And Special Occasions

To be honest, crop top is a perfect garment for those ladies who want to show off their individuality. I’ve chosen 16 street style outfits what are win-win looks for wearing crop tops. We are going to see basic black styles, double-ruffled versions with spaghetti straps, off-shoulder designs, perforated, lace, high-neck sleeveless and dressy ones. I suggest pairing this ideal top with all kinds of bottoms, starting from matching styles, midi & maxi skirts, wide-leg, ankle-length trousers. Of course, everything depends on the rise of bottoms, you can either show-off your pretty belly or reveal just an tiny little line revealing your skin.

Crop Tops (1)

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Wide neck black crop top will ideally match your high-rise grey-white relaxed-fit cuffed trousers styled with black pumps:

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10 Ways To Wear a Crop Top

If you do like crop tops, then you might be interested in these 10 ways of wearing crop tops this season. All the showcased styles are great for wearing during weekend brunches to elegant evening meetings and dating. I’ve highlighted some of the best stomach-baring looks for you to get inspired by, hope you will like these outfits as much as I do.

10 Ways To Wear a Crop Top (1)

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You can keep things rock’n’roll by wearing a gorgeous black leather moto jacket atop white V-neck bandeau crop top paired with high-rise printed pencil skirt. Complete the look by adding ridiculously chic sunglasses.

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How To Wear Peasant Tops In Summer

When it feels easy-breezy. Today we have chance to take a tour through my favorite women’s peasant tops for summer season wear. Personally, I have a kind of 1970’s Bohemian Chic and Gypsy feeling about this trend, what takes over fashion in recent years. I have seen loads of awesome street style images, where fashionistas experimented wearing flowy peasant tops with different bottoms, starting from jeans to skirts and shorts. The cool thing about this top is the versatility, what allows you combine it with anything you want. I have chosen my personal favorite looks and today I am sharing them with you.

Peasant Tops - Street Style Looks (1)

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Keep it ladylike and modern by wearing your favorite white style tucked in high-rise black pleated mini skirt styled with bucket bag and cuffed black shoes.

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How To Wear Striped Shirts For Summer

Go for stripes this summer season. Today I am going to show you some of the stylish ways to wear striped shirts this hot season. We all love a good, classic striped shirt/top. This top makes you think of nautical theme and Parisian chic vibes. Personally, I love this garment for its versatility, as you can wear it with anything you want. This is a versatile and easy to wear piece what can be incorporated with any outfit. No matter if it’s tight, loose, tank top or long-sleeved. In this compilation are gathered twenty looks and style ideas on how to wear it in your everyday life.

How To Wear Striped Shirts For Summer (1)

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These tops are ideal for your summer trips. You can try it on with nice white shorts, white fedora and flip-flop sandals.

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Boho-Chic Queen Style: Peasant Tops

If you are looking for a boho-chic queen style garments, then you might like to wear peasant top. That’s a boho-chic must-have what really makes you look different, but in a good meaning. This blouse usually comes in white color and tiny sweet embroideries (mostly with lace embellishments). This top can be seen everywhere, starting from catwalks to streets and summer festivals. But it looks like business ladies wear them even at the office. Of course, this is not the first season they are making comeback in fashion. This top was widely used in the 1970’s. Nowadays, everything is linked and mixed up, that’s why we see so many vintage looking clothes right now.

Peasant Tops - Boho-Chic Queen Style (1)

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We see a gorgeous lightweight, semi-sheer white blouse with wide open neck is worn with light blue jeans.

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How to Wear a Button Up Top This Summer

A button up top is a classic garment what is both ideal for workplace and casual everyday life wear. No matter if it’s striped, classy white, dotted, gingham, every single button-up can make you look charming and ladylike. In other words, this summer staple is perfect for any kind event. My mission for today is to show you my favorite looks on how to wear a basic button up top this summer season.

Women's Button Up Tops (1)

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We see a lady who is wearing a classic white shirt styled with denim cut-offs and a beige ribbed knit sweater tied around the waist. In love with high strappy gladiators.

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How to Wear Strapless Tops Over Button-Down Shirts

Trendspotting. Hey there, everyone! Today I’ve got another trendy news for you. I am going to show you awesome ways how to wear strapless tops over button-down shirts. This a really fantastic look what makes you look both modern, voguish and individual. Indeed, this bustier will add a sexy flair to your everyday look. I have seen lots of style bloggers, street style stars and fashion editors wearing this combo in the streets, so, I want to share with you my favorite looks to give you some inspiration before your next shopping. As you can see, many ladies give a kind of laid back touch to this look by layering cropped strapless tops over classic fit shirts and light blouses. Personally, I am in love with the showcased results, so you better look through these images and choose your favorites. Tell me what you think of this trend in the comments below.

How to Wear Strapless Tops Over Button-Down Shirts (1)

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A fabulous looking outfit. We see lady who is wearing a tailored long black coat worn atop white blouse styled with bodycon black top and khaki green trousers.

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Matching Sets Comeback Trend

The 1970’s trends are back in fashion! Today I want to observe some of the best matchy-matchy looks for you to try. Today it’s making up a big time, offering us versatile style ideas, starting from pencil skirts combined with crop tops (favorite Kim Kardashian’s look) to skirt-suits, knitted basics and other urer glam looks. The vintage look is updated thanks to modern trends, including colors, prints and cuts.

Matching Sets - 1970's Style Looks (1)

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Floral print set is ideal choice for summer time.

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How To Wear Crop Tops This Summer

It’s hot, hoT, hOT, HOT! The boiling temperatures force us to wear light fabric outfits. Today I bring to your attention best ways how to wear your crop top this 2018 summer season. Thanks to crop top you will keep yourself cool and stylish. The great thing about crop tops is they suit all body types, no matter if you are skinny or overweight. Indeed, it looks good on anybody. Anyway, I am here not to explaining why can a plus-size girl wear crop tops. I want you to check out the best combinations of wearing a crop top this summer, so you can an awesome inspiration for your next week outfit. Here are presented various Polyvore inspired crop-top outfit combinations to try this hot season. As you can see the styles vary in so many variations, starting from casual beachwear to more formal and streetwear appropriate:

How To Wear Crop Tops This Summer 2015 (1)

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Black bandeau crop top looks awesome styled with high-rise light blue denim cut-offs.

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How To Style: Oversized & Boyfriend T-Shirts

I remember one day I stole my boyfriend’s tee and you know what, I really loved the fit of this top. It was relaxed and comfy. I thought to myself, why can’t I incorporate it with my everyday clothes. Today I bring you my favorite ways to make your boyfriend T-shirt look chic and glamour. In this collection are showcased pretty 1990’s oversized band tees, plain color basics, and other effortless and relaxed essentials. You might ask me, but this boxy top looks really baggy, how and with what can you style it? The ‘borrowed’ clothes from men’s wardrobe are ideal to wear with anything you want. The best PLUS of these tops is the flattering fit what ideally suits petites, normal bodies and plus-sized ladies. There are several tips and tricks how you can rock an oversized T-shirt in the streets and parties.

Oversized & Boyfriend T-Shirts (1)

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