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4 Must Have Bags For Women Your Ultimate Guide

Everything has its limit, the same concerns the bags. I overviewed all the activities and places we tend to spend our time, including travel, social meetings, work, and have settled on 4 bag styles you will need, including belt bags, everyday bag, crossbody bag, and the tote. This is a list of my favorite bags I think every woman deserves. I think every lady has more than 2 bags in her wardrobe. Some of them are stuffed in little hiding places around the house, under the bed, in old shoe boxes, etc. The ones you actually use are in easy access, while the rest are stored away. The truth is, all you really need are 4 essential bags, to have on hand for every occasion.

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19 Ways To Wear A Tote Bag

Say hello to a new “It” bag what is an ideal piece to wear this season. I am totally in love with tote bags! In today’s post I am going to share with you my favorite 19 ways how you can wear a tote bag this year. What is so special about this bag anyway? Well, the classic tote comes in a minimalistic look, shape and color. Some ladies say this bag is the most boring one, but thanks to normcore and minimalistic fashion, everything has changed. It’s a perfect way how you can update your look. The allcarrying bag will fit your classic outfits, as well as cocktail looks. The classic tote comes with a big and slouchy look, two handles and no closing zipper.

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Gorgeous look! I love every detail of this outfit! We see lady who is wearing blush semi-sheer long shirt-dress (in love with roses embellishments). The outfit is updated with a stunning brown leather tote bag. How many likes for this outfit?

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