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Wear Tulle Skirts If you Feel Like A Princess

The tulle skirts are back! Fashion offers so many trends lately. It’s quite impossible to follow all the tendencies, as we see so much of everything. Some ladies want to look 1990’s grunge inspired, others go glamour, 1950’s or Tomboy. Recently, I have noticed many bloggers wearing tulle skirts in the streets and I must admit, it looks surprisingly hot and sexy. It feels like this staple has been taken right out of the ballet room. I love this bottom for a retro feminine look, which is not only girlish but also creative and sweet. It looks like everyone has taken this item seriously, as we see lots of girls and ladies in the streets wearing it with everyday clothes. Of course it’s a fun staple, which you shouldn’t take too seriously.

Tulle Skirts (1)

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Keep it fun and sweet! I love to see ladies wearing white crop tops with pale blue tulle skirts. You can finish the look by adding a miniature clutch and silver heels.

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Trend Spotted: Tulle Skirts Go Feminine

Who says you have to be ballerina to wear tulle skirt? Exactly, nobody! Today’s trend spotted is tulle skirts that gone feminine and bold. I want to share with you some of the best ways how to wear this bottom in the streets of big cities. You can incorporate this chic piece with your favorite existing staples without harming your individuality. Thanks to blogosphere we have chance to see amazing and feminine looks that will surely make you look special, fabulous and chic.

Tulle Skirts Street Style Chic Looks (1)

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Here we see girl wearing a white crop top styled with A-line midi pale blue tulle bottom, silvery heels and shell shaped clutch.

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