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Modern Victorian Era Fashion Trends

I’ve already shared with you my favorite Victorian era inspired looks. In today’s blog post I want you to take a close up look through modern Victorian era fashion trends and see what’s popular nowadays. This year we still have delicate lace, floral appliqués, brocade, gilded embroidery, silk and velvet fabrics. Scroll down to see more Victorian-fashion ideas.


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Modern Victorian Inspired Look

It’s been a while since my last post… Sorry! I am here today to share with You modern Victorian inspired looks that will underline your individuality and make you look fresh and romantic. Victorian era fashion is very ancient, but it’s a very special trend that still makes us look and feel incredibly feminine. The vibe of this trend can be seen pretty much everywhere. I’ve noticed a huge revival of this trend by viewing latest fashion collections, where I see fairy tale inspired looks, as well as Gothically themed details.

Modern Victorian Inspired Look (1)

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