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Classic Summer Combo: Denim Shorts and a White Shirt

No matter if you like formal or casual looks, today I bring to your attention an awesome compilation of classic summer combo, what consists of denim shorts and white shirt. This look can be laidback or polished. I have found interesting street style looks where ladies are wearing white tops and denim bottoms embellished with different accessories. Just look at the details: chunky bracelets, long and lightweight coats, statement shoes, metallic shiny sandals, ripped denim, statement sunglasses, leopard print tops tied around waists, etc.

Denim Shorts and a White Shirt - Classic Summer Street Style Combo (1)

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We see white top with short sleeves features lace embroidery tucked in blue denim shorts and completed with chunky bracelets, and cool shades with mirrored lenses.

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How To Wear White Shirt This Summer

Everyone is completely insane this year! Why? Everybody wears white shirts. I woke up this morning with a great idea, I wanna show you awesome ways how to wear white shirt this summer. I think you agree with me, that those days when white shirt was meant for wearing with formal attire only are gone. Nowadays, white shirt is a classic top what will never go out of fashion. Why? It’s a must-have for every man and woman. It comes with simple look what is both cool and versatile. It can be worn in so many different ways.

White Shirts - Street Style (1)

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An ideal combo: white semi-sheer shirt tucked in tight, mini purple skirt. Complete the look by adding chunky jewelry.

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