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What To Wear With Wide-Brim Hats

It feels like hats of all shapes and sizes are having a moment this season. But one of the following styles is my favorite and it’s wide-brim hat. There are beautiful floppy versions what remind us 1970’s bohemian flair, there are structured menswear-inspired fedoras, cool matador styles, straw designs and many other interesting versions to try this year. These marvelous headwear designs can be paired with anything you want, starting from leather jackets to plain tees, jeans, skirts, tailored suits, etc. This head accessory gives you a polished and stylish finish. Another great plus of wide-brim hat is the seasonless wear, what allows you to wear it from spring to winter months.

What To Wear With Wide-Brim Hats 2023

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The cream white straw fedora looks awesome styled with high-neck shapeless short front and long back dress. Complete the look by adding lace-up boots.

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