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Wide Leg Pants: Classic Closet Must-Have

What I love about wide-leg pants is their versatility. Yes, almost any pair can either look business casual, professional or upgraded to be ready for wearing to cocktail parties. Of course, you should wisely choose your top and shoes in order to look put together. These bottoms are probably one of the biggest fashion trends this 2018, all probably because of the 1970’s nostalgia. You can easily elevate your look with a pair of flowing wide-leg pants. You can keep things cool no matter where you are, at work, backayrd barbeque, party or on the plane. These bottoms are great for day to night dressing. You can dress them up or down, all depends where you are going to. I do love them for their flattering silhouette that fits absolutely any body type. They can hide your belly and other heavy bottom areas. Sure, you need to find the right match, so your clothes look balanced. That’s why I am here to show you my favorite polyvore sets to get inspired by.


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These ones make a real vibrancy! Try on jungle floral print high-waisted wide leg trousers with a sexy black crop top and pointed-toe black pumps.

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Wide Leg Pants For Summer: Impressive Outfit Ideas

In this Polyvore sets collection we are going to observe next Summer 2018 outfit ideas featuring wide-leg pants. These fabulous bottoms can look casual, or dressy, everything depends on the way how you gonna style them. Of course, this trouser trend comes in various designs, including tailored, classic, high-waisted, low-slung, neutral colored, brightly printed, etc. Everything depends on where you gonna wear these pants, to the office or date night. I do recommend to opt for a cropped style for a night out, as ankle-length trousers look pretty chic with tight top, cropped jacket, shiny strappy heels or embroidered heeled sandals. High-waisted wide trousers ideally look with a top tucked in, no matter if it’s just a casual T-shirt or a classy blouse. This combo will easily take you from the office to after-hours parties. Another thing is wearing a wide-leg trouser suits. This will quickly update your style and make you stand-out and look like Bianca Jagger. Plus you can extend your silhouette by choosing a long-line suit jacket, just don’t go oversized. Summer seems the perfect time for wearing wide-leg pants, so why don’t you get inspired by these inspirational fashion sets.


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Wide tailored green ankle-length trousers look chic and glamour! Try them on with strappy lace-up black heeled sandals and white crop tank top.

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Street Style Tips: Wide Leg Pants

Say hello to wide-leg pants. They are back in fashion and I am dying to share with you my personal street style tips on how to wear them in a real life. It’s no secret anymore, wide leg pants are coming back in fashion this year and they are been updated in new styles to make young ladies and women look modern. The wide leg trousers flatter all body types creating relaxed yet sophisticated silhouette.

Wide Leg Pants - Street Style (1)

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How about tucking in your favorite grey tee into high-rise purple-colored wide-leg pants. Finish the look by adding beautiful necklace, pastel colored handbag and your favorite sandals.

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Wide-Leg Pants For Women

Let me tell you about one major trend for this year called wide-leg pants. It’s a fresh way how to look awesome and timelessly chic. These bottoms were popular back in the 1970’s and today they are back on track, being one of the biggest fashion trends. Thanks to their flattering silhouette, these pants are great for women of all ages, heights and body shapes. It’s an ultimate piece for any occasion. They are extremely versatile and can be worn to work, parties, weddings and other formal or semi-formal event. One thing is known for sure, you have to find the right match by combining them with your favorite clothes and colors. I’ve got the best style ideas how to wear them this year. Hope you will like these street style images the same as me:

Wide-Leg Pants For Women (1)

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Speaking of bright colors, then I suggest you to try this brightly colored version with neutral tank top, like this black color one. To finish the look simply add your favorite necklace.

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