Sweater Trends To Try This Year

Sweater is a versatile cozy top what ideally fits chilly spring, cold winter and windy fall seasons. Today I bring to your attention this 2018 year sweater trends to try. We are going to see 6 fabulous sweater styles to wear from days to nights. Nowadays sweater is not only a perfect survivor must-have but also a perfect statement-making piece. Yes, it’s a voguish knitwear, what ideally suits your everyday looks. Believe me, once you find your one and only knitwear piece, you gonna wear it everywhere you can.

2016 Cropped Sweater Trend (1)

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Go for a giant cardigan. This exaggerated piece will ideally suit your basic separates. Tr to layer it with your favorite summer frocks or skinny jeans.

Of course, I am not saying you have to buy all these 6 trends, for God sake no! Choose the style you like and layer it over your favorite tops and bottoms or even dresses. This comfy knitwear allows you to create unforgettable outfits, so you look not only fantastic but ladylike and timelessly chic. In today’s fashion world, there are known thousands of styles available for purchasing. I have chosen this 2018 year must-try trends for you to try. Here are six styles and some suggestions regarding layering tips.

How about cream-white chunky and cable knit designs? You can layer them with dark fabrics and fitted silhouettes. Here we see three stunning options:

2016 Cropped Sweater Trend (2)

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The color-blocking trend is here to stay. Go for cool shades and pair them with solid colors:

2016 Cropped Sweater Trend (3)

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If you do like relaxed and oversized looks, then these sweaters with voluminous sleeves will ideally suit you. Try to layer them with slim jeans and statement jewelry:

2016 Cropped Sweater Trend (4)

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Cropped and heavy knit designs. Go for a shortened sweater and layer it with blouses, high-rise tailored pants and beautiful shirts:

2016 Cropped Sweater Trend (5)

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As you already know, this year is all about fringes. Go for sweet styles and style them with skinnies, pencil skirts and classic shirts:

2016 Cropped Sweater Trend (6)

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