4 Must Have Bags For Women Your Ultimate Guide

Everything has its limit, the same concerns the bags. I overviewed all the activities and places we tend to spend our time, including travel, social meetings, work, and have settled on 4 bag styles you will need, including belt bags, everyday bag, crossbody bag, and the tote. This is a list of my favorite bags I think every woman deserves. I think every lady has more than 2 bags in her wardrobe. Some of them are stuffed in little hiding places around the house, under the bed, in old shoe boxes, etc. The ones you actually use are in easy access, while the rest are stored away. The truth is, all you really need are 4 essential bags, to have on hand for every occasion.

Belt Bags

The first bag I wanted to mention is a bum bag or so-called belt bag. The 1990s staple is back! I am a big fan of this cool accessory. It’s practical and it does look amazing with pretty much everything, including suits, dresses, and casual basics. Plus, it is a great choice to wear during your vacation, as you carry all your important stuff on your belly, so you don’t have to worry if someone can steal anything valued from your bag.

The Everyday Bag

This bag has to be versatile, simple and easy to style. It should be smart enough for work, as well as chic to accompany you during your stay at the cocktail hour with friends. Make sure to buy the one that ideally accommodates with most of your clothes.

Crossbody Purse

This style will give you a great freedom of movement. It does look better than a well-known backpack. I personally like the sturdy strap which is adjustable with a front flap. Go for the one which is not too heavy and medium-sized. A small sized won’t be functional enough to carry your stuff. All in all, it’s extremely wearable and comfortable bag. It is an ideal piece for hands-free shopping, coffee-down-the-street-carrying, etc.

Tote Bag

This is another purse every woman needs. Yes, most of the women use it for carrying all their stuff around, but it looks polished and professional. Anyway, this bag is ideal for carrying a laptop. In other words, this is the bag you need to take with you to work. A large one is best for those who carry lots of stuff inside, a medium-sized design is great for ladies who carry papers, files, makeup, magazines, etc. I do recommend to choose the one in a classic color, so it ideally matches your outfits.

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