Fashion Trends: Back To The 90’s

No matter what, but the 1990 are here to stay! The fact that we live in 2015 doesn’t means that the 1990’s are far behind, as we still using some fashion elements from that decade. I am here to prove it once again. The first element is the headband, which can be either combined with the overall look, either separately accent your outfit. Remember 90’s Beverly Hills TV series? Watch it for your inspiration, where main characters can become one of your main sources of new ideas.

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Skinny straps. These feminine dresses with skinny straps are ideal for special events. It looks like this trend is coming back alive. You can either wear such ensembles during hot summer days or cover your shoulders with a cozy cardigan during spring chilly mornings.

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Shortened trousers. Some of the 90’s years icons (Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera) appeared on the covers wearing flared, shortened pants.

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Metallics and Gloss. Just imagine yourself wearing a holographic dress. This is a real must have for the upcoming parties and prom nights. This ensemble is an essential staple for those ladies who want to look glamour and eye-catching:

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Noodle knit cardigan. It’s another flashback from the 90’s. It can be either made of cashmere or cotton. Get inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker look in Sex and the City.

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Knee-length boots. That’s an ideal purchase for cold weather. Remember Jennifer Aniston wearing such footwear in the cult TV series of the 90’s “Friends.”

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  1. Indeed , Fashion has changed in recent decades. It’s 2021, still a lot has changed in terms of Hot trends.

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