Functional Winter Shoes For Women

It’s a bad thing when women have to compromise with their style in favor of weather. That’s why I decided to create this blog post and tell you more about winter footwear trends. In this article, you gonna find out what are the best boots you can actually wear all Winter season long. Wondering what shoes to wear during such a cold time? There are lots of cool styles to choose from, but my favorites are wedge boots, ankle boots, UGG boots, Chelsea flats, and suede boots. Let’s combat this cold season with stylish and functional boots that can easily update your winter outfit.

Wedge Boots

This type of footwear is extremely stylish and versatile. It goes with skinnies, jeggings, leggings, skirts and sweater dresses. They keep your feet covered and warm.

Ankle Boots

This is a classic footwear that stays in fashion for a very long time. Ankle boots go with absolutely anything. They are easy to wear and come in dozens of colors and fabrics.

UGG Boots

Yes, they are still in trend. Not every girl loves the way UGGs look, but they do have that special appearance that makes them so cool. When I see ladies in UGGs, I automatically start to think about sports, casual and winter. That’s why you can create a stunning look that is both casual and laidback.

Chelsea Flat Foot Boots

Chelsea’s are great for casual days. They are classics so you are free to wear them with any type of jeans, starting from well-known skinnies to boyfriend jeans.

Suede Boots

I do recommend to choose yourself a colored version of suede boots. If you go for a bright hue, then be sure to pair them with neutral color bottoms, this will make you stand out from the crowd.

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