How Should Older Women Get Dressed

This time we are going to talk about ways how should women get dressed if they become older. Sometimes things get so stupid, as society has imaginary limits for ways how people should be dressed once they reach a certain age. As for me, it’s a stupid thing that should be bypassed. In today’s blog post I will tell you about some tricks and tips how to dress if you are over 35, 40, 50 and 60. Believe me, there is nothing hard in achieving beautiful look when you get older. I mean, there are some certain things that should be aware, but you are free to wear whatever your heart wants.

Should you dress your age? But what are the main rules for different age? Can I wear whatever I want? These are the questions you should answer. We are here to help you to answer them all!

The age-appropriate dressing is all about your mind. It’s better to say, get dressed on how you feel inside, not outside. The age is just a number, but what is more important how you feel inside your braid and body. Believe me, when you wear clothes made for a different generation, you automatically make yourself look older. That’s why don’t wear something that is out of date, look modern and trendy. You might be in shock now, reading my thoughts about trends and looking modern, but it’s true. Style takes about 80% of inner beauty and 20% of the outer look. But you definitely should forget about fast fashion when you are over 35, 40, 50, 60 or whatever. I say: the boundaries between generations should be blurred a bit. It’s only your opinion about the way you look should matter. Only you can decide what you want and what feels right for you. If you see in the mirror an elegant lady dressed in a beautiful outfit, then nothing else matters.

By the age of 35, every woman feels a bit more mature and it’s true. This is a crucial moment when you should say goodbye to bold graphic print tops, bedazzled sequins, acid pink accessories and leopard print coats and footwear and still, if you feel okay and you do love yourself in the mirror, then stop reading this and put on some more leopard print stuff. Go for comfortable staples that feel comfortable and wears easily. Today’s older generation of women proves that dressing chic doesn’t have to stop at a certain age. Even in your 70’s you are not too old to flaunt your cleavage and wear slit dresses. Look at Christie Brinkley in her 60s, where she appears on the streets wearing short skirts and dresses, showing off her pretty legs. Even Cher looks sassy in her 70s, she still appears on public wearing skin-baring costumes. Sure, being well-dressed is like following a certain discipline, a lifelong learning.

The biggest myths about older women are that they are no longer want to look stylish. Trust me, if you know how to dress, even in the 60s you can look more fashionable than younger ladies. All you need is a self-confidence and your self-knowledge.

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