How To Style Overalls

How about being sexy wearing overalls this year? Today I am going to share with you some of the best looks of ladies who wear overalls in their everyday lives. It’s no secret anymore, the 1990’s fashion has found its comeback in recent year and we have to dare to be awesome and try on those stylish basics. I’m digging it, you? The first thing what comes in my mind thinking of 90’ies is the grunge and overalls. Some of you might say: “C’mon, don’t be childish!” But the real paradox of this garment is the sophisticated beauty what makes you look special, once you try it on. Indeed, I see many sexy ladies wearing this seriously fashionable piece. I’ve found stunning pics, where ladies appear in different looks, so you better take a closer look and have some inspiration.

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I am totally in love with this lovely girl who is wearing pinstripe overalls with simple plain white tee. I am in love with her red lips, red nails, rounded spectacles and hair bun.

If it’s too hot outside, then you better go for denim overall shorts and a striped crop top. Complete the look by adding a wide-brim straw hat and comfy brown flats:

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How about double denim outfit? I love seeing girls who mix different shades of denim. We see her wearing those jeans garments updated with vintage 1970’s inspired accessories:

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If you want to try on something glamour, then I suggest you to pull out strappy heels and a simple white tank to wear with your casual and ripped overalls:

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Want to try a “work-appropriate” look? Then I recommend to layer your overalls and white button-down with a tweed blazer:

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Keep it all in white. The total white look is ideal for hot summer days:

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