How To Wear Plaid Shirts: Easy To Style Ideas

Hello fashion readers! In today’s post, we are about to see something cool, fresh and worth buying. I am talking about tartan shirts that are must-haves for this year. In this compilation, I gathered my favorite ideas to try this spring season. Your plaid shirt can be worn in so many ways, all you need is to know best ways how to style it in real life. Anyway, take a look at timeless outfit ideas that feature tartan shirts and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Here we see a front-tied black-white plaid print shirt styled with suede grey mini skirt and black OTK boots. Love the mirrored shades. By the way, I do recommend to check my post on how to wear boots this Fall, I am sure you can find there inspiring ideas that can make you look gorgeous.

If you are a beginner to this trend, then you should start by tying a tartan shirt around your waist. This is the easiest way to underline your individuality. If you are afraid of looking too much casual, then I recommend adding sexy heels that will easily underline your femininity.

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Another great way to make this shirt look chic and unique is to wear it unbuttoned atop plain white tee completed with a chunky necklace. Of course, the plaid shirt is all about the relaxed look, but you can find plenty of ways how to make it look elegant and ladylike. All you need is to try different outfits and see how they look on you.

If you do like to experiment, then I am more than happy to show you this beautiful outfit idea consisting of a blue-white plaid shirt teamed with dark blue patterned ankle pants completed with black flat pumps and black fedora hat. Speaking of hats, I highly recommend checking my post on what to wear with wide brim hats. You can find many ideas that are easy to style in real life.

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Tartan fashion trend is everywhere right now. This is not just another trendy print that is going to be popular all this cold season long, it’s already a classic style that makes a woman look timelessly chic and unique.

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As you can see, ladies love tartan. Why? It makes you look brighter, fun and fresh. The print has Scottish origin that makes it look sophisticated. There are so many interesting ways on how you can use it in real life. Hope you gonna enjoy these outfit ideas with plaid shirts, as much as I do.

How to wear plaid shirts

As I have already mentioned, there is an opportunity to start from simple looks. All you need is a cool tartan shirt that will brighten up your cozy pastel blue coat worn with ankle-length black trousers and glossy black leather pumps.

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If you already familiar with this print, then you can go bold and try on a bright colored plaid shirt and team it with neutral color pieces, so you make your top a centerpiece of your entire look. There is a kind of grunge vibe in this pattern. By the way, I do love to see gals who wear tartan shirts tied around their waists.

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When I think of a women’s plaid flannel shirt, I automatically start to think of grunge style and Curt Kobain music. A well-made flannel shirt for women is a weekend staple, but it can be used at home in the office or at a restaurant. First of all, you can pair a cool flannel shirt with your favorite jeans and a plain tee, just tye it around your waist. Or grab a plaid tunic and wear it over leggings, with booties.

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Ladies who are more into a sleek vibe, I recommend to tuck your red and white checkered shirt into a fitted pencil skirt and pair it with heels. If you’re feeling bold and brave, then you can try on mixing different patterns by wearing a plaid top with textured pants. When the weather is not so cold for wearing a coat, but you feel that chilly mood, then I recommend wearing a thin, puffy vest over your shirt.

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If you want to create a very special touch, then go for a flannel shirt and pull up a pair of knee-high boots for an easy fall uniform. I recommend giving a try to a lightweight blue and white checkered shirt that can be comfortably styled under a jacket. There is lots of options on the market, so it can be hard to find the perfect flannel top.

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How do you style a flannel shirt for women?

Trust me, you can really wear your flannel anywhere: to brunch, a cool concert. You didn’t know how versatile these shirts can actually be. A black and white checkered shirt does look cool with a statement tee, it can be a slogan top, either a rock band T-shirt teamed with a pair of jeans or a flared midi skirt. Create a refined silhouette by pairing a flannel shirt with a skater skirt in dark neutral color and complete this combo with cozy tights and high socks worn with Merry Janes.

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A plaid top can also work for office hours, make it work-appropriate by teaming flannel shirt with a cape-coat, tailored pants, and classy pumps. You can easily break up the monochrome theme with the plaid pattern, just go for a black jumpsuit and style it with a red checkered shirt and cool booties.

My favorite combo so far is a tartan top teamed with black leather pants and cool fedora hat. If it’s a windy day outside, you can go for a red and black checked shirt and complete it with a chunky scarf. And yes, tie-around waist look is always a good choice. Plus, when it’s spring or chilly summer, use flannel as your coat.

Keep it fresh and cozy. Go for a black-white plaid button-down shirt and tuck it inside wash blue slim jeans. Complete this combo with cream-white ankle boots and a long knitted cardigan. Speaking of knits, I highly recommend to check out this post on how to wear long cardigans, you are free to find lots of inspiring ideas to copy.

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As we all know, lumberjack tops are seen mostly on men, but you can experiment with this shirt by teaming it with slim and skinny fit bottoms and jackets. Imagine yourself wearing a slightly oversized blue checked shirt tucked in slim jeans completed with stylish ankle boots or cool kicks. I personally find something special in women’s oversized flannel shirts, they do look cool with almost anything, starting from jeans to pencil skirts.

What shoes to wear with checked shirts

Date Launch. Wedges are an excellent choice for women who are not too keen on high heels. With a pair of skinny jeans or trousers in a color of your choice, you will get a simple and relaxed look. If you decide to mix light shades of red and olive or navy blue, you will get an outfit that is modest and romantic. I love to see blue checkered shirts teamed with slim jeans and classy pumps. Complete this combo with a long necklace and a touch of coral lip gloss. This outfit is great for a coffee or a launch with your other half during the day.

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When it’s hot outside, I see ladies wearing short sleeve checked shirts. This is a good choice when it is sunshine outside. By the way, if you are more into experiments, then an oversized checked shirt is something that can be styled in many ways, starting from skinny and boyfriend jeans to beautiful dresses and jumpsuits. Complete it with a pair of chunky kicks, classic heels or flat pumps.

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When in doubt, go for simplicity. Flats are a perfect choice for flair or wide-leg jeans. If you decide to go for a classic look, roll up the sleeves and tuck in your red and black plaid shirt to accent your curves and show what you got. While this outfit is plain and rather common, let’s not forget that you don’t need to reveal skin in order to feel and look hot. You can choose loafers, moccasins or ballet flats: either way, you will be a fashion hit. Wear this outfit to an office, or to a family get together to show how effortlessly chic you are.

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Back to School outfit idea with a checked top. Whether you are still in school or you are just feeling nostalgic, you can wear a red and blue check shirt and a mini skirt for a girly and flirty look. In order to achieve looking chic and not overdoing it, choose a pair of Converse sneakers and complete the look with a cute hat and a long necklace. Wear this outfit when you are out and about, doing some shopping with your best friends or finishing your chores.

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You can either choose bright color accessories or jewelry, but I love keeping things less expensive and more clothing-oriented, that’s why I go for orange, yellow or pink plaid shirts. Since this outfit is playful, you don’t need too much makeup, but a smile is a must.

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Modern Cowgirl. With a pair of cowboy-inspired boots, feather earrings, and denim shorts, you are ready to make every guy fall head over feet for you. This outfit is rather fun, so play with your purple or green flannel shirt and make a tie at the front. It is simple, but edgy and hot, pretty much all you need from an outfit from a relaxed outfit, made for a night out or for a picnic with your friends.

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Dare to be Different. Every clothing item deserves to be dressed up properly, once in a while. A plaid shirt is not an exception, so here is how to wear it with a pair of posh pumps and look like a style queen.

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Choose a pencil skirt in a bold color and let everything else be in black. Make sure that you open a button or two, put on a nice necklace and show some girl power. Wear this outfit to the office or to dinner, either way, you will get noticed.

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4 thoughts on “How To Wear Plaid Shirts: Easy To Style Ideas”

  1. I like to wear plaid shirts with tank tops underneath. These are very easy to pair with and a casual style. This is my go to outfit!

  2. Here are ten ideas on how to wear a tartan shirt this spring season:

    1. Wear it with a peacoat

    A Tartan shirt looks great when paired with a peacoat. Just add a pair of dark jeans and ankle boots to complete this look.

    2. Wear it with a denim jacket

    Denim jacket and tartan shirt are the perfect matches. Wear it with a pair of dark jeans and you are ready to go.

    3. Wear it with a chambray shirt

    Tartan shirt looks great when paired with a chambray shirt. If you want to wear it in spring, I suggest you pair it with a denim jacket.

    4. Wear it with a bomber jacket

    If you are looking for something casual, you can wear a tartan shirt with a bomber jacket. Add a pair of dark jeans and you are ready to go.

    5. Wear it with a white shirt

    If you want to look more preppy, you can wear tartan shirt with a white shirt. This way you will be able to dress it up as well.

    6. Wear it with a blazer

    Go with tartan shirt and blazer in one look. This way you will be able to dress it up as well.

    7. Wear it with a denim shirt

    A Tartan shirt looks good when paired with a denim shirt. Add a pair of dark jeans and you are ready to go.

    8. Wear it with a black shirt

    Tartan shirt looks great with a black shirt. Add a pair of dark jeans and you are ready to go.

    9. Wear it with a leather jacket

    Tartan shirt looks good when paired with a leather jacket. Add a pair of dark jeans and you are ready to go.

    10. Wear it with a striped shirt

    Tartan shirt looks good when paired with a striped shirt. Add a pair of dark jeans and you are ready to go.

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