Summer Hot List: Dress Out

This 2018 summer hot list! When hot days are almost here, every lady wants to buy something unique, fashionable and comfortable, right? In today’s article I want to say couple things about modern summer dresses and the ways to wear them in your everyday life. You are going to see some of the best ideas to achieve the one and only look to wear from beaches to special parties. Many fashion brands offer us gorgeous gowns with bold prints and extended lengths. Here is shown a mixed print maxi dress made of chiffon fabric.


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What is so special about this frock? It features an easygoing silhouette what is both feminine and luxe. This design is both ideal for rooftop barbecue and backyard weddings. If you want to wear it with a more casual look, then I recommend to add a nice denim jacket and lace-up shoes or edgy strappy flats. If you want to achieve a kind of boho-chic look with a structured silhouette, then I suggest you to add a wide belt. Personally, I like dressy styles, so you can add heels and statement dangling earrings. All in all, keep everything simple and elegant.

Summer 2015 Hot List - Dress Out

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